Sunday, September 20, 2009

home from minnesota

..::what a blast!

well, we made it home safe and sound from minnesota. kacin did excellent on the plane, with only a few fusses during the landings. on the way there, he did try to eat the orange watch that the man next to me was wearing, but those big blue eyes and shy smile won the man over quickly, and he didn't complain as kacin continued to nonchalantly drool over his arm.

kacin met most of my family while there. my grandparents, aunts & uncles, cousins (even the ones i have never met), all gave him hugs, kisses, and loves. he was a champ. i don't think he minded being constantly carried around by these huggy new people, or complained about seeing all the new surroundings. he did nap wonderfully while we were there.

kacin had his first plane ride, first boat ride, and he survived his first family reunion. he's getting so big, so fast, that i am very glad we were able to get this all in before his "stranger danger" mindset has been established. he only shied away once.

and, for me, it was wonderful to spend time with everyone. my mom and her twin brother were celebrating their 50th birthday. there were multiple cake parties (oi, no more cake), one cake fight (kayla mixing it up), and a few family barbecues. we visited mall of america (how can you be in minneapolis and not?) and spent some much needed vacation time on lake reno. it was a wonderful trip, and i am so glad we went (if only kurt could have joined us).

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